Colorado Kennel Club

Rocky Mountain Cluster Dog Show

Check out Things to Know before you go

18th Annual
Rocky Mountain Cluster Dog Show

Feb 15-18, 2013
National Western Complex
Denver, Colorado

Show Information

Things to know before you go

1. Only dogs that are entered in the competition are allowed at the shows.

2. Dogs may not be bought, sold, or otherwise adopted at the shows.

3. Please be careful and watch your children. While our exhibitors take great efforts to make sure that their dogs behave, dogs can and do bite. Please keep an eye on your children, and make sure you get permission from the dog's owner before touching any dog. 

4. Baby strollers are not allowed in the building. Remember, a baby stroller puts your baby's head at the tooth level of most dogs. That can be a very scary experience for both your baby and our dogs. So please, no baby strollers.

5. The show giving clubs, show superintendent, their agents, employees, etc., assume no responsibility for any loss, damage, or injury sustained, and further assume no responsibility for injury to children.

Attention Exhibitors! These are large shows. Please plan to arrive early to be ready for your ring time. While every breed is different, you should try to arrive at least an hour before your scheduled ring time. Thank you!


Meet the Breed Schedule (pdf)


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